Thursday, December 18, 2008

My hope will keep me warm

She poured her heart out to him, 
like a man pouring rain out of his hat. 

She told him everything she felt for him, just like that. 
She wanted everything to be perfect 
the right moment and place 

They were sitting on the couch just the two of them 
she had not made up her mind to say anything. 
It just came out 
it was unplanned, unscripted 
She was so nervous she was stammering 
he was the only person on this earth that 
had that effect on her. 

She told him everything
that she loved him and had worried about him 
that she cried when he did and hurt when he did

It was so beautiful 
he took her in his arms and 
she never wanted him to let go
she cried. She finally let it all go 
she wept like a baby and 
he held her and he whispered he loved her 
She said she loved him too she said she loved him 
and he said he loved her too. 

He said he did not want to hurt her 
she assured him she would not get hurt 
she said she would wait for him 
he urged her not to 
he did not want to hurt her 
and she would not let herself get hurt 
that is a risk she knew must take 
to put it all out on the table as he said
they could sort it all out later 
it was out there now 
and she was unsure of what to think 
she did it, she said it and what a relief 

he pondered aloud what might happen 
what could happen 
if it never happened 
he did not want to leave her alone
she assured him 
the hope of him, of a future together with him 
would keep her warm. 

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