Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

As I was driving to a babysitting assignment, I noticed several trick or treaters along the way. Little princesses, cowboys, Spider-Man, Tinkerbell. All going door to door to collect goodies for their buckets and bags. It seems like only yesterday I was excited to dress up and go out in the neighboorhood with my dad. Mom would help me get ready in my costume of choice the one I remember the most was a ballerina, homemade of course. I felt so beautiful in my long braided hair, black leotard and pink tutu. My face was shiny and mom did my makeup. I thought I was on cloud nine, feeling beautiful and walking hand in hand with my dad to collect candy and treats. When we got home he would make me dump it all out on the floor and he would inspect it and take a few treats his self. It was all in fun while it lasted. Now that I am an adult Halloween is not so fun. I really do not believe in all of the bad stuff, scary stuff. I believe in light and not darkness like Halloween promotes. But it is just a day and even if only I reminisce about Halloweens gone past, I can treasure the innocence of being a kid again on Halloween. What memories do you have of Halloween?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daily Writing

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Today's Writing Prompt: Mess

Is there any part of your life that's a mess? Describe it.
Posted by C. Beth at 5:00 AM

I would have to say that I have such a mess right now in my living space. I am slowly working on getting it cleaned and organized. I recently moved back home for financial reasons and then got stuck. It feels so good and is so empowering to get uncluttered and for me personally, it is so rewarding to throw stuff out! My vision is to have a beautiful, clean, uncluttered and organized space to live and work in. I think the hardest part is just getting started. It is a big project but I feel so much better already just seeing small steps of progress being made.