Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18th An unexpected encounter

She was going about her day like any other day. The to do list was a mile long as always. At this moment she was out walking and enjoying the balmy December day. The track was long but she was up for the challenge. It was a gorgeous day. Clear gray skies, perfect winter skies. She liked the transparency of the clouds. There was a group of guys playing soccer in the field across from the track. As she made her laps she checked her cellphone. One missed call, who could that be? she wondered. She checked the caller id. It was him. Her heart skipped a beat.  She called him back and it was so good to hear from him. Instantly she turned into a schoolgirl again. Nervous, heart racing, palms sweaty, the whole nine yards. They caught up with each other over the phone and they made plans for him to come over. She was happy. The thought of seeing him again gave her an unexpected energy to power through her walk.  She finished up and went about her other errands in order to go home and get ready for her company.  She went home and waited for him to show up. Finally the moment arrived. She was  sitting outside talking on the phone when he pulled up. He looked so good, smiling and waving at her. He came up the stairs and embraced her. She loves his hugs, being close to him and in his arms, she feels relaxed and at peace. Her nerves  

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