Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Cozy Evening

The fire is lit in the fireplace
embers dancing to and fro

The warm smell of apples and cinnamon wafting from the candles
a thick blanket to snuggle under
a good book to read from

this might sound simplistic to some
but this is my dream of how to
spend nights with you

You see, as long as I have you
I do not need anything else in this world

Your love and acceptance,and companionship is all I need
Is all I have desired for so long
Promise me you will stay beside me
That we can do life together
Taking life's journey one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
With each other we can only soar
Above and beyond anything we could ever imagine

I see the light in your eyes
when you look at me
I feel the love in your smile
I hope you and feel and see the same things with me

Though we are only beginning I feel like we have
been down so many roads already together

As long as we are together
on cozy evenings such as this
My heart will forever be filled with bliss.

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