Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thoughts of You

Sitting by the fire tonight
Thinking of you
As the embers dance against the night sky
I think of you
I remember how you held me
That warm summers night
Under a midnight blue sky
and shared your heart with me
You told me things I never thought I would hear you say
My heart still flips when I think of that

So as you are there and I am here
All I have are my memories of you
And the fire to keep me warm
I get lost in the flicker of the flames
The same way I get lost in your eyes

I just want you to be there
I want you to hold me
tell me everything is going to be ok

I want to stroke your hair and tell you the same
I want to take away all your hurts
and help mend your heart
and maybe draw you closer to mine

When you hold me I feel like I am holding everything
Don't you know you have been my whole world?
I would do anything for you
I want to dry your tears
Erase all the hurt and sadness from your years
Restore you to the man you once were
Inspire you to be the man you could be

You said so long ago
We would be good together
I agree
How can I tell you I have already known you are the man for me

But when will we be joined together as one
I do not know
I have waited and I will continue to wait
My heart is already yours
It's yours for the taking
I gave it to you so long ago

As the fire continues to glow
and the feelings of love for you grows
I sit here with my empty bottle
and pray for you to call
to tell me you are ready
to give me your heart
and knowing that one day you will
I wait for you and
the fire in my heart remains.

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