Monday, November 2, 2009

Broken Into Beautiful

This past few weeks my church has been doing a series entitled "Broken Into Beautiful". We have covered such topics as depression, guilt, etc. "Stinking thinking". It is amazing to me that God takes all of our "pieces" : shattered lives, broken homes, illness, divorce, loss, grief and makes something beautiful out of it. We simply just need to reconnect with God, give Him all our worries and broken pieces and let Him do the fixing. It is easier said than done though. In our self sufficient world where we supposedly are "the Master of our Domains", oftentimes God is forgotten and we take our lives in our hands and try to do it ourself often with disastrous consequences. How I remember being a child and crying over a broken toy and being frustrated because I wanted to fix it myself. And try try again until I gave up in anger and frustration. I could hear and see my dad in the foreground saying "Give it to me, honey and I will fix it." How much easier it would have been to hand it to him first and say "here daddy, please fix it for me." I could relinquish all control and save myself anger and frustration. Such as it is with our Heavenly Father. When we are broken, we can just give it to Him and He will fix us or teach us what we needed to learn to move on. There is so much power in that, it is beautiful.

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