Friday, April 17, 2009

Special Moments to share...

Yesterday Mom and I and our special long time friend got together and had a "ladies day out." We started our adventure by sharing a beautiful lunch at a local tea room. We had finger sandwiches stuffed with chicken salad, pimento cheese, a pumpkin bread with rich cream cheese frosting, hot baked potato soup that was so rich and creamy, and a strawberry dessert that was so heavenly and whipped. I had Chai Spice hot tea served with my own personal white tea pot and cup and saucer. The tea room is called Charleston Tea Room. As you enter it is a gift shop and the dining area is in the back. It is decorated so lovely and you just feel as if you could be in Victorian England having an afternoon tea. We noshed and shared our lives with each other. After lunch we proceeded to make our rounds to our favorite little shops and nooks and crannies along the way, laughing, talking and picking up special little treasures as we went. It was visually stimulating and so much fun and very special to me as I love these ladies very much and they are so important to me. In this day and age as everyone is so busy, special times spent with friends and family become more precious to me, and means so much more than my "to-do list".

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