Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post Hurricane Ike

Well it has been a whirlwind literally. Since Hurricane Ike made landfall on Saturday morning life has been so surreal for me. I feel so blessed that our apartment survived with no damage and mom and I are safe and uninjured. We have no power but we have been doing well in spite of that. We have a battery operated tv and radio and flashlights and candles for the evening. Thankfully the weather has been so cool so it has not been bad without a/c.  The apartment complex has been having block parties so we have been eating well and that is a huge blessing. It has been such a wonderful outpouring of community. It is so refreshing to see neighbors helping each other and everyone coming together to make sure everyone's basic needs are being met. This is the way it should always be. Not just in the midst of a disaster, but every day. Everyone is so friendly now and open to conversation and being helpful. It is like the hurricane blew in winds of community and getting out of comfort zones and thinking of something besides oneself and getting ahead. It has been wonderful. I know that is a very utopian way of thinking that this can continue but it would be wonderful. Somehow life has slowed down and is so much simpler now. I know I have made a resolution to continue my simplified way of living long after the storm and recovery effort is over. 

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