Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great day!

I knew when I woke up today it was going to be a special day! I had to make a phone call to a prospective job so I did that as soon as I got up and I have great news: I have a permanent nursing job! I am so excited. I have not had a permanent job in nearly a year so I am really looking forward to working every day and then there is the ultimate reward of the steady paycheck! I am stoked. I can get back on track financially.
I start tonight. I go in to work overnight for a month then I will hopefully go to the three to eleven shift.
Today is the second day of fall and I feel great. My birthday is in October so I am a fall baby and I feel a surge of energy every year at this time. I do not know if it is the clear blue skies, the cool, crisp air, the turning of leaves or what but I just love it all. I am looking forward to working this fall and preparing for the holiday season.

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