Saturday, February 14, 2009

It' s the little things....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Love is in the air today! May you all be hit with cupid's arrow : )

Being a single woman I have mixed emotions about the holiday. But, I do like it because it helps people show love. I believe we should not save it for one day but find ways to show and give love every day.

To me that is easy because I was blessed with the gift of loving people for who they are. Love comes easy to me, even when it should be hard. Someone told me that I "exude" love. That is a beautiful comment to receive and I try to remember that even when I am tempted to be less than lovely. I believe that it starts by first loving yourself. If we cannot love ourselves, how can we be expected to give love to everyone else?

How can we love ourselves? By taking the time for ourself, I believe, is number one. The little things like a new lipstick and a soak in a bubble bath makes me personally feel like a million bucks.

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