Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back to Blogland

So I took a break for awhile and decided to peek my head out and test the waters in Blogland again. I feel like I have been disconnected so long. Feels good to be blogging again.   So even though I haven't been blogging I have been keeping up with happenings on the Web and always reading and trying out new things. I have so much to post about but do not know where to begin....!  Since this is my main blog, I am just going to let it evolve into its own and just have it be a random all things me blog. I consider myself to be a well rounded person so this blog should reflect all facets of my life and personality. I attempted last year to have a specialized blog about books and reading that did not work too well. I felt trapped into one mold and it totally squelched my creativity and thus lost my interest. I believe this has always been a sort of guinea pig blog anyway and it will continue to be. I will be catching up on blog trends and tips and you will see the fruits of those tips here. As always I am open for feedback and any comments. I look forward to being back in Blogland with you all.

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