Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

I refuse to let you take me there again
thought you wanted something more but now all you act like is a friend

what happened to the closeness we had
now i look at you over a deep chasm

the silence, the feelings left unsaid
I feel like I can't reach you
or maybe you don't want to be reached

I feel myself slipping away
how did we get to this point so soon

the blueness envelops me
your silence is strangling me

if i could turn back the time
and return all the winks
and say everything I didn't say before
instead of freezing up and looking at the floor

don't you know what you do to me
what you continue to do
I cannot let you do

I must move on
but all I know how to do is keep hanging on
to the silence and the hope that i once had
is now growing dimmer
and my resolve is growing thinner

I will not sit here and hand you my heart on a plate
so that all you will do with it is break it.

How long do you think I can wait
I guess I will just have to leave it up to fate

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