Monday, January 18, 2010

Living Intentionally

How do you want to live your life?  This question has been on my mind a lot this new year.   As people make resolutions and attempt to live their lives, to make something out of very little at times, we all tend to turn inwards and focus on our selves.  It is not a bad thing.  We are evolved human beings and possess the intellect to make choices based on what we need and want to get out of life.  I have thought alot about purposeful living and what it means to live intentionally.  To me, living intentionally means to not be swayed or tossed about by what life or people throws at you.  Living intentionally means that you have a purpose, a focus, a goal.  Life does not happen by accident. It also does not slow down and wait for you to "get it".  You wake up in the morning and decide what you want out of the day.  Personally, my life's intention this year is to live a life of love.  To wear my heart on my sleeve, to live by my heart and not my head and my feelings.

To be motivated by love and not fear.  To serve with love, give with love.  To not do things halfway but to do them excellently, to the best of my abilities.  God wants us to be our best, do our best, and anything lessjust simply does not cut it.  Living by accident and letting "whatever happens, happens" doesn't cut it. I intend to live a life of love intentionally, every day.

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